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Bonnie - Salon Stylist

Bonnie became a hairdresser by surprise. She won a contest which provided her training to become a licensed stylist. She was under the minimum age to take the state board exams when she completed her training, thus she has been a hairdresser for nearly 2/3's of her life!
Bonnie loves her job. Bonnie has many other interests outside of hairdressing but meeting people & helping them feel good about their appearance is something that brings her a great sense of joy and accomplishment.
Bonnie was quite shy as a young person and becoming a stylist allowed....no, forced her to open up to other people and to overcome her introverted nature. It improved her as a person and allowed her the courage to more fully enjoy connecting with others.
Bonnie has owned & operated a salon and her sister has also owned a successful salon in Orange County.
Through encouragement of her clients, she is also a licensed pilot and obtained a Realtor's license. Along with her husband she enjoys renovating old houses and are becoming stark raving renovators!


Vidal Sassoon
Socolor by Matrix
Paul Mitchell Color


Master Trainer w/ LA County Apprenticeship Council